A traditional water park with fiberglass slides and other attractions use constantly running electric water pumps and thousands of gallons of chlorinated municipal water. Add that to the large infrastructure needed and you have a park with a noticeable environmental impact and a large carbon footprint.

Our customers swim and play in the clean waters of Lake Bastrop. No chlorine, like nature intended.

An inflatable water park like this has a minimal environmental impact on the lake and a comparatively small carbon footprint. Electricity and water pumps running constantly are not needed. Only a small portable generator and air pump are needed to top up the air pressure before we open and make any repairs when the park is closed for the day. A boat used for transportation of guests, maintenance, and safety would use a small, efficient, 4-stroke motor. A system of concrete moorings keeps the park in place. After the season is over, the park and moorings are removed, leaving minimal impact on the lake. Also, all of the activity and splashing of the guests can help with oxygenation of the lake water, benefitting aquatic life. (Fish love the shade, too!)